Valve možda stiže na Xbox One


Yesterday a group of game enthusiasts uncovered that Dota 2 Workshop Tools is actually a soft launch for Source Engine 2. A Reddit user did a great job of delving deeper into the Workshop Tools’ and found out some interesting points that indicate presence of Source 2 files. But that is not all.

On further investigation, it was revealed that the engine might be coming to Xbox One. As revealed by a NeoGaf user, the files had references to Xbox dashboard and dedicated servers. The code below the post states the following: “(Only used when hosting xbox games). Send clients updates at the same time. This saves CPU because the server will encode and calc deltas on less frames,” and “Dedicated Server for Xbox. Not using STEAM.”

On further investigation of the comments, we see statements for APIs that are being used to test connectivity between Xbox One and Steam. Debug messages such as this, “Failed to connect to xboxsystem,” are a clear giveaway.

It is important to note that all of this information should be taken with a massive grain of salt but what we can assume is that there might be an application under works that might allow users to stream Steam games to Xbox One or it might simply mean Dota 2 is coming to the console.
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Sierra is back!

Sierra, jedna od kultnih PC kompanija koje je progutala KOLOĐUTIZACIJA svijeta, izgleda da se vraća na veliku scenu sa novim ili starim oživljenim IP-jem. Teaser ne otkriva  baš mnogo, osim što nam deluje blago akciono, a to ne bi bilo baš dobro s obzirom na to da se Sierra smatra prababom grafičkih avantura. Raznorazni remasteri su…

Originalni Resident Evil dobija svoj HD remaster


Capcom is set to remaster the original Resident Evil yet again for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A ground-up overhaul that sports 1080p visuals on the new consoles, the game will be available via digital platforms in early 2015.

The new version of the game offers more detailed characters and backgrounds plus remastered 5.1 surround sound effects. It can be played using the original 4:3 display ratio or 16:9 widescreen, and includes both the classic control scheme or an alternative, modern scheme where the character follows the direction of the analogue stick. These can be switched between at any point during play.

“Originally released in 1996, Resident Evil was then “remade” in 2002 from the ground up with new visuals, gameplay elements, environments and story details whilst retaining the survival horror atmosphere the series had become synonymous for,” notes the release.

“Both fans of the franchise who want a trip down memory lane and those who are yet to experience the game that coined the term survival horror for the gaming world will appreciate this definitive re-visit of that iconic 2002 Resident Evil title.”

What do you think? Worth buying thrice?


Halo: The Master Chief kolekcija za PC?

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Već dugo se priča kako je Microsoft spreman da izbaci neke starije Halo igre za PC (Halo 3 se čak pojavljivao u Steam registyju) a izgleda kako će stvari biti bolje nego što smo se nadali!

Naime, španski Amazon u pretprodaju je stavio Halo: Master Chief Collection i to u verziji za Xbox One i PC! Naravno, moguće je da je u pitanju samo greška (koja je međuvremenu ispravljena) ili da MS zaista planira Windows verziju, ali uz određeno kašnjenje u odnosu na onu za Xbox One. Naravno, Halo 5 i dalje ostaje Xbox One ekskluziva i to nema šanse da se promeni dugi niz godina.
Amazon je u poslednje vreme pogodio da Mortal Kombat 9 i GTA V izlaze za PC pa nije tako nemoguće da su u pravu i ovog puta.

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Fifa 15 bez Brazilske lige

Veoma losa vest za sve ljubitelje brazilske lige i igraca koji igraju za timove iz te lige.


FIFA 15 doesn’t have Brazilian domestic teams, EA has announced. This is due to changes to the way players are licensed in those leagues, EA wrote in an update on the EA Sports website, without going into detail.

This is a change from FIFA 14, which does include officially licensed Brazilian teams, and it means players such as Pato, Kaka and Ronaldinho probably won’t be in the game (a lot can happen in football player transfer land between now and when FIFA 15 comes out in September).The Brazil national team is in there though, and Brazilian players who play in other leagues.

“Today, we want to inform you that due to some changes in the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues, we were unable to reach an agreement with the Brazilian rights holders for their inclusion in FIFA 15,” EA said. “While this is unfortunate news for many of our fans, we were able to retain the Brazil National Team in FIFA 15 as well as the Brazilian stars that play in other top leagues around the world. Thanks for your understanding as we continue to keep the lines of communication open with the Brazilian rights holders.”

EA had the official license for 19 Brazilian football clubs for FIFA 14, including Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo and Vasco da Gama.



Objavljen datum za F1 2014

Igra izlazi 21.10.2014 za PS3, X360 i PC. Ovo je neka old gen verzija. Dok ce pocetkom 2015 izaci next gen verzija igre za XBONE i PS4 i PC. Video materijal je dakle za old gen. Malo konfuzno, ali tako je kako je.