343 Industries traže producenta za novi Halo projekat


343 Industries is working on a ”new project line in the Halo universe,” according to a recent job listing on Microsoft’s website.

The job advert suggests that the developer is beginning work on a new spin-off title, but whether it is AAA or a mobile title is unknown. The ad states that the successful applicant must “ensure the game hits the quality expected of a title within the Halo Franchise.”

“343 Industries is looking for a Senior Producer to help develop a new project line in the Halo universe,” the advert reads. “This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry with one of the industry’s most talented teams.

“As a Publishing Senior Producer, you are core to aiding the productivity of your development partner and ensure you remove any roadblocks for them whilst driving forward and representing the project’s needs internally. The ideal candidate will be able to gracefully shift between different teams (internal and external) aiding them were necessary and contributing to overall smooth running of the project/projects.”

The developer is currently working on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians.

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Ubisoft iz starta preuredio Assassin’s Creed za Xbox One


If you were to place a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Unity next to an Xbox 360, the clingfilm would flinch back, then split and pucker into an angry, growling mouth. Ubisoft wants to make a fresh start on next generation consoles, see, and that applies as much to the game’s engine as the new parkour mechanics and mission types.

According to creative director Alexandre Amancio, the developers have had plenty of time to reinvent Assassin’s Creed’s supporting technology. “Keep in mind, this game has had almost a four year development. Before we even started the content or anything it was almost a year of development of technology and features and stuff like that.”

Naturally, this pre-dated the announcement of the Xbox One. “Even before that, we were speculating,” Amancio continued. “And saying, ‘OK, let’s do this and it should be possible, let’s start and we’ll readjust once we start the actual game’.”

The developer hopes to address a number of long-running irritations in the process of overhauling the tech, though Amancio was unable to specify which. I think guard AI needs a tune-up, personally. “We know of these things, it’s all a question of the time and complexity of how to fix them. Sometimes it seems like a small thing but when you open the hood it’s like, ‘oh, really, it’s connected to that!’

“So for this game, because it’s the first from the ground up next-gen title, we essentially had to do most of the systems from scratch. Which meant that ‘now we have to re-do that, we might as well do this’ – it was that sort of thing.”

Unity doesn’t feature playable female avatars in co-op, for not especially convincing reasons. I’ve written a blog about how reversing this decision would be good business for Ubisoft. In other news, another new Assassin’s Creed game appears to be wending its way to Xbox 360.

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Gran Turismo 7 u izradi

Dakle kao sto naslov kaze u intervjuu za Eurogamer Yamauchi je rekao


We are working on the title

U nastavku puni intervju


Yamauchi also said Polyphony will go straight into development on the full game rather than working on a taster, as has been the case with recent iterations. “I don’t think it’ll be a Prologue,” he said, confirming that the full Gran Turismo 7 was next on Polyphony’s plate.

And what can we expect of the PlayStation 4 game? Polyphony has recently started its own blog where it’s addressing concerns of its community, including the quality of the sound within the series which Yamauchi admits isn’t up to scratch. It’s still in the plan to update the audio in Gran Turismo 6 – as Yamauchi revealed to Eurogamer last September – but the full overhaul won’t come until Gran Turismo 7.

“I think the quality of the sounds in Gran Turismo 6 will be improved, but most of the work will be done in Gran Turismo 7,” said Yamauchi.

Gran Turismo 6 has enjoyed a suite of updates recently, with a selection of Ayrton Senna’s cars being followed up by the inclusion of Austria’s Red Bull Ring and the Toyota TS030 – all for free. The Course Maker and B-Spec modes, which are still absent from the game, are coming in an imminent update.

And when Gran Turismo 7 does come around, the standard car models that persist from 2004’s Gran Turismo 4 will most likely feature.

“I doubt that we’ll be throwing away the standard cars,” said Yamauchi. “Each car has its own fans. So I think we’ll hang on to the archive. In the meanwhile, some of those cars we may be able to make into Premium cars as they become available – but basically we’re more focussed on increasing the number of premium cars.”